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Surf Team


NAME: John John Florence
HOMETOWN: Hale'iwa, HI
DATE OF BIRTH: 18.10.1992
INSTAGRAM: @john_john_florence


John John Florence is from the north coast of Oahu and started
surfing at a very young age. Meanwhile, he is one of the only five surfers
in the history of the men's championship tour, who won two world titles in
a row. Florence acquired helpful knowledge of the ocean, which is
deepened by his love for sailing. His ambition and high standards for
himself, will drive him for the next few years to win even more titles.




NAME: Johanne Defay
HOMETOWN: St. Leu, Réunion
DATE OF BIRTH:18.10.1993
INSTAGRAM: @johannedefay

Johanne Defay is part of the World Championship Tour since 2017. Since
qualifying, she is among the top ten every year. Defay is more than ever
motivated to finally win a long-awaited world title. Through hard fitness 
workouts, she wants to get closer to her dream.


NAME: Kain Daly
HOMETOWN: North Shore, Maui, HI
INSTAGRAM: @_themanchild

Kain Daly started surfing at the young age of 4 years.
Today he still takes part in competitions around the world and passes on
his knowledge to beginners in a surf school in Maui.


NAME: Bruce Irons
HOMETOWN: Hanalei, Kauai, HI
DATE OF BIRTH: 15.11.1979
INSTAGRAM: @bruceirons

Bruce Irons is the younger brother of surf legend Andy Irons. He 
impresses with outstanding tube-riding skills. Bruce Iron's career was at
its peak in the 2000s, where he e.g. won the Eddie Aikau Wave 
Invitational in 2004 and finished 9th at WCT in 2005.


NAME: Albee Layer
HOMETOWN: Haiku, Maui, HI
DATE OF BIRTH: 08.06.1991
INSTAGRAM: @live.fast.die.old

Albee Layer is a famous Big Wave Surfer. He pushes himself to his limits,
to inspire other surfers and motivate others to push their limits as well.
"You want to see people do things that they didn’t know they could do.” 
he says. He goes with the motto just because something hasn't been done
yet, doesn't mean it's impossible.


NAME: Joel Parkinson
HOMETOWN: Coolangatta, Australia
DATE OF BIRTH: 09.04.1981
INSTAGRAM: @joelparko

Joel Parkinson has already won 12 ASP World Tours, including famous 
events like Pipeline, Jeffreys Bay, Sunset Beaches, Bells Beach and
California in Bali and Snapper Rocks. Der Pro surfer was among the top 5
on 9 occassions of the ASP / WSL.


NAME: Ian Walsh
HOMETOWN: Haiku, Maui, HI
DATE OF BIRTH: 09.05.1983
INSTAGRAM: @ian.walsh

"I'm just stoked to be doing what I'm doing"
As many others, Ian Walsh is always looking for the perfect wave. He is 
passionate about Big Wave Surfing and managed it to win at the WSL
Pe'ahi Challenge. Addiontionally, this perfect 10 was honored with two 
WSL Big Wave Awards in 2018.


NAME: Evan Geiselman
HOMETOWN: New Smyrna Beach, FL
DATE OF BIRTH: 30.08.1993
INSTAGRAM: @evangeiselman

Already at the age of 7, Evan Geiselman took part in contests. In 2011, he 
won the Triple Crown of Surfing Rookie of the Year award. For a view
years now, Geiselman is competing at the WQS. In 2015, he had a
serious surf accident, but was able to fully recover from it.


NAME: Carissa Moore
HOMETOWN: Honolulu, Oahu, HI
DATE OF BIRTH: 27.08.1992
INSTAGRAM: @rissmoore10

Carissa Moore is the youngest female winner of the Vans Triple Crown 
and the youngest model featured on the front cover of the SURFER-Mag.
In 2009, was her premiere at the WCT. Back then she couldd win 2x at a
time. Today, Moore has several world champion titles and travels around
the globe for surfing.


NAME: Shane Dorian
HOMETOWN: Kona, Big Island, HI
DATE OF BIRTH: 19.07.1972
INSTAGRAM: @shanedorian

Shane Dorian competed in the World Championship Tour for over 10 
years. He always had top 10 results. Only in 2004, he discovered his
talent as a Big Wave Surfer. Since then, Dorian won Billabong XXL
titles and was even named "Waterman of the Year" in 2012.


NAME: Zeke Lau
HOMETOWN: Honolulu, Oahu, HI
DATE OF BIRTH: 23.11.1993
INSTAGRAM: @zekelau

Ezekiel 'Zeke' Lau was taught by his father how to surf. He is also the one
who always motivates and supports him. Even though he had a major 
back injury, he did not give up. His biggest wish is to win at the WCT. And
he probably will not give up too soon.

  NAME: Luke Davis
HOMETOWN: San Juan Capistrano, CA
INSTAGRAM: @lukedavisthegrey

Luke Davis takes part in competitions since he was 8 years old. Feeling
compelled to compete and forced to ride average waves caused Davis to
leave his competition career behind and become a freelance surfer for
different brands. Now it is up to him to choose his waves and surf 

NAME: Yago Dora
INSTAGRAM: @yagodora

Many expect that Yago Dora will be THE next surf champion. He is only
recently in the World Championship Tour and is considered to be a
strong competitor for the big surf professionals. Dora thinks, that through
competitions he learns how to make the most of each wave, while free
surfing, on the other hand, helped him to find his own surfing style and to
gain self-confidence. 


NAME: Koa Rothman
HOMETOWN: North Shore, Oahu, HI
DATE OF BIRTH: 16.12.1993
INSTAGRAM: @koarothman

Koa Rothman comes from a well-known surf family on the North Shore.
He is known for his Big Wave Surfing and has already shown amazing 
performances at Jaws, Pipe and Mavericks. With an impressive pipeline
performance, he could win the Waves of the Winter award in 2017.


NAME: David Economos
HOMETOWN: San Clemente, CA
DATE OF BIRTH: 16.12.1999
INSTAGRAM: @davideconomos

David Economos has participated in the Men's Qualifying Series since 
2019. Previously, he competed in numerous local and national contests.
His best result in the QS so far, is the 65th place in Jack's Surfboards Pro


NAME: Ian Gentil
HOMETOWN: Paia, Maui, HI
DATE OF BIRTH: 28.02.1993
INSTAGRAM: @iangentil

Ian Gentil is considered to be one of the best young surfers the scene has
to offer. Andy Irons himself once recognized the potential of Gentil, 
already when he was only 13 years old. He said one should keep an eye 
on Ian Gentil. Currently, he is competing at the QS and working hard to 
make the leap into the WCT.



Bike Team

NAME: Graham Agassiz
HOMETOWN: Kamloops, BC
DATE OF BIRTH: 06.01.1990
INSTAGRAM: @grahamagassiz

Graham (Aggy) Agassiz has been a professional Freeride Mountain 
Biker for over 10 years now. He competes in numerous competitions
and is often part of mountain bike movies. When not biking, the 
Canadian likes to fish, hunt and snowboard. Graham is known for his
skills in big biking. In 2016, Graham crashed at the Red Bull 
Rampage, causing serious injuries. 







NAME: Carson Storch
DATE OF BIRTH: 03.05.1993
INSTAGRAM: @carsonstorch

Carson Storch is an upcoming talent in the Freeride Mountain Bike 
scene. At the age of 17, he started to mountain bike professionally and
even preferred his MTB career over studying at a college in Bend. When
Storch is not at competitions, he likes snowboarding and driving
motocross or filming clips with friends.


NAME: Casey Brown
HOMETOWN: Revlestoke, BC
DATE OF BIRTH: 26.10.1990
INSTAGRAM: @caseybrowntown

Casey Brown loves the adventure and to inspire other people to get their
bikes out. What started out as a hobby soon became a professional career
Today, Brown has two Queen of Crankworx and five Whip-off 
Championship titles. 


NAME: Thomas Vanderham
HOMETOWN: North Vancouver, BC
DATE OF BIRTH: 29.04.1984
INSTAGRAM: @thomasvanderham

Thomas Vanderham is a professional Freeride Mountain Biker for over 10
years now. He sees himself as a Big mountain rider and has so far ranked
among the top 10 at every Red Bull Rampage. Vanderham is very active
in the bike scene: He coaches at bike camps and writes articles for
magazines. Besides biking, he works with many sponsors on research
and marketing projects.


NAME: Yoann Barelli
HOMETOWN: Whistler, BC
DATE OF BIRTH: 15.08.1985
INSTAGRAM: @yoannbarelli

Although Yoann Barellis career started in the Downhill World Cup, he is 
now one of the fastest Enduro bikers. His collection of Top 10 results
shows that he is among the best bikers of the scene. Barelli is known
for his funny videos on Instagram, e.g. the #TutoTuesday series.


NAME: Marco Osborne
INSTAGRAM: @marco0sborne92

Marco Osborne competes in the disciplines Enduro and Downhill. He has
fought hard for his place among the best. He has been constantly working
on his riding style. Despite Osbornes biking style is so fast, he drives very
calmly and deliberatively. His favorite place for biking is the area around
Lake Tahoe, CA.


NAME: Brendan Howey
HOMETOWN: Sunshine Coast, BC
INSTAGRAM: @brendanhowey

Brendan Howey is well known in the bike scene. He regularly releases 
cool MTB videos that were shot mainly in his hometown in BC. Howey is
also comitted to preserving the trails on the Sunshine Coast.


NAME: Iago Garay
HOMETOWN: Madrid, Spain
DATE OF BIRTH: 29.09.1991
INSTAGRAM: @iagogaray

Garay is integral part of the Enduro World Series. He is currently touring
around the world for his sponsors. Iago Garay especially impresses the
public with his eye-catching outfits. In addition to his Enduro career, he 
studies sport science in Madrid.



Kite Team


NAME: Ben Wilson
HOMETOWN: Merimbula, Australia
DATE OF BIRTH: 06.08.1979
INSTAGRAM: @bennywilson

Ben Wilson is a pioneer in kitesurfing. In 2011 he surfed the biggest wave
in Fiji, breaking the world record. Today he has his own online shop and 
sells his products worldwide. In addition, he coaches kitesurfing-
beginners in kite camps.


NAME: Boris Judin
HOMETOWN: Novi Sad, Serbia
DATE OF BIRTH: 04.02.1990

Boris Judin's biggest project is a low-budget movie produced in 2015. The
title is 'Slice of Existence' and shows the kitesurfer on his journey through
Croatia and Montenegro. "I'd hope that this kind of video has something
everyone." wrote Judin in a statement.


NAME: Drew Christianson
HOMETOWN: Out in the woods, WI
DATE OF BIRTH: 26.05.1993
INSTAGRAM: @drew.christianson 

Christianson has been a professional kitesurfer for 4+ years and has 
been teaching kitesurf beginners for 6+ years. Above all, Drew 
Christianson appreciates on his kitesurfing career that he is able to
travel the world and gets to know new cultures.


NAME: Ian Alldredge
HOMETOWN: Santa Barbara, CA
INSTAGRAM: @ianalldredge

Ian Alldredge hopes that kitegear will become easier in the future and
therefore works with BWSurf on innovative designs. Even if there's no
wind Allredge grabs a board, but the surfboard without kite instead.
He also likes to share his experiences with strapeless surfing with
younger generations.


NAME: Kristin Boese
HOMETOWN: Potsdam, Germany
DATE OF BIRTH: 01.06.1977
INSTAGRAM: @kristinboese

Kristin Boese is a 9-time world champion in kitesurfing. In the 2000s she 
brought kitesurfing to the masses by appearing in countless media,
writing two books and releasing a DVD. Today Boese lives on Maui and
works as a brand consultant for local companies.


NAME: Marc Ramseier
HOMETOWN: Biel, Switzerland
DATE OF BIRTH: 26.02.1974
INSTAGRAM: @marcramseier

The Swiss Marc Ramseier kiteboarded for the first time in 2002. He
left his country for his professional career and now lives in Indonesia. He
started his own business there and passes on his knowledge to
Kitesurfers to help them improve themselves and become more
responisble surfers.


NAME: Mark Shinn
HOMETOWN: Tychy, Poland
INSTAGRAM: @shinnworld

Mark Shinn has been part of the Kiteboarding scene since 1999. He has
several world titles and his own brand Shinn Kiteboarding. For the brand,
Shinn regularly designs boards that are made in Europe. He also writes
columns for Kite World magazine.


NAME: Melissa Gil
HOMETOWN: Costa Rica
INSTAGRAM: @meli_gil

When moving from Costa Rica to Miami, the world of kitesurfing opened 
up for Melissa Gil. In the meantime, she has been kiting for over 7 years.
She studied Marine Biology at Florida International University and worked
as a scientific diver. In her work as a biologist, she is particularly comitted
to protecting the environment and preserving Florida's reef. In 2009, Gil
became world champion in kitesurfing. She also holds the Women's 
Speed Sailing Record. 


NAME: Rob Douglas
HOMETOWN:Vineyard Haven, MA
DATE OF BIRTH: 16.06.1971
INSTAGRAM: @robbiedouglas55

Rob Douglas is one of the fastest kiteboarders ever. He was the first to 
break the 50 knot mark. Douglas currently holds the record at 55.65 
knots, which means 103.1km/h. In 2017 and 2018 he furthermore won
the Kite Speed World Championship despite chemo treatment.


NAME: Ryland Blakeney
HOMETOWN: Western Australia
DATE OF BIRTH: 01.07.1982
INSTAGRAM: @rycracker

Ryland Blakeney started surfing at the age of 5, but only since 2000 he 
has been kitesurfing. Blakeney has different nicknames e.g. Ry and
Cracker. In the future he would one day like to teach his two sons how to


NAME: Eric Rienstra
HOMETOWN: Kings Beach, CA
DATE OF BIRTH: 17.12.1987
INSTAGRAM: @ericrienstra

Eric Rienstra is one of the most successful kitesurfers. He always strives
for the reputation of kitesurfing. For other athletes, kiteboarding has the
reputation of being for old people. Rienstra wants to fight this image. Eric
Rienstra was known for his long dreadlocks, which he cut off recently.


NAME: Sam Medysky
HOMETOWN: Sauble Beach, ON
INSTAGRAM: @sammedysky

Sam Medysky is a 7-time kite champion in Canada and AWSI Rider of the
Year 2014. At the age of 8 he learned kiting from his dad. Together father
and son founded the first kitesurfing school in Canada. His goal for 2019
is to get into the top 5 of the Kite Park League World Tour.



Windsurf Team


NAME: Bernd Roediger
HOMETOWN:Ho'okipa, Maui, HI
DATE OF BIRTH: 06.10.1996
INSTAGRAM: @bernd_roediger

Bernd Roedinger has never set a world title as his goal. His dream came
true when he won the Aloha Classics: He first competed at Aloha when he
was 9, but for his dream he had to wait until the Aloha took place again 
after a break. He has learned windsurfing already at the age of 7 years.
Since then he has been truly passionate about windsurfing.


NAME: Bryan Metcalf-Perez
DATE OF BIRTH: 12.02.1987
INSTAGRAM: @bryan_us505

Bryan Metcalf-Perez is one of the most experienced windurfers in the US.
The fact that he grew up as a skier inland, made it a challenge to become 
a professional windsurfer. But therefore he appreciates the combination of
wind and water even more. He prefers to surf the Columbia River in
Gorge, where the windsurfing scene is flourishing.


NAME: Casey Hauser
HOMETOWN: Los Angeles, CA
DATE OF BIRTH: 23.12.1985
INSTAGRAM: @gordito_surfs

The Californian Casey Hauser had his debut in the PWA World Tour in
2013. Previously, he competed in various contests. For example, in
2012 he became Gorge Cup Men's Champion. In 2014, he qualified for
the PWA Aloha Classics and finished 17th. Together with his wife Sarah
Hauser, who is alos a successful windsurfer, he lives in Maui.


NAME: Fiona Wylde
HOMETOWN: Hood River, OR
DATE OF BIRTH: 17.02.1997 

Fiona Wylde has an astounding number of titles in her ealry 20s: SUP 
Racing World Champion 2016, US Windsurfer of the Year, top 3 in the
World Paddle League, and more. Wylde says she does not try to force
success, because in her opinion, that's how she becomes more
successful. Nevertheless, she works hard on her goals.


NAME: Florian Jung
HOMETOWN: Saarbrücken, Germany
DATE OF BIRTH: 12.12.1983
INSTAGRAM: @flojungdotcom

Florian Jung first stood on a board in Strasbourg on his uncle's old board.
In an exchange stay on Maui, Jung learned to love windsurfing. After
graduation, he received a professional contract from a German sponsor
and since then he has been traveling ten months a year to compete in 
various contests.


NAME: Graham Ezzy
HOMETOWN: Haiku, Maui, HI
DATE OF BIRTH: 04.10.1989 
INSTAGRAM: @grahamezzy

Graham Ezzys greatest role model is his father and former windsurf pro
David Ezzy. He taught him how to windsurf. At Princeton, Ezzy also
studied economics to gain an acadmic degree. He wants to remain true
to his surf style (to make moves in the line of the wave) . 


NAME: Ingrid Larouche
HOMETOWN: Hood River, OR
DATE OF BIRTH: 24.10.1976
INSTAGRAM: @ingridlarouche

Although Ingrid Larouche took part in competitions only at the age of 30,
she could already win some titles. Windsurfing is not popular in her 
home country Canada, so she first discovered windsurfing in the US.
Competitions push her motivation, because then she has a concrete goal
in mind to work for.


NAME: Jeyug "Jay" Lee
HOMETOWN: Jeju Island, South Korea
DATE OF BIRTH: 17.10.1984

Jay Lee celebrated his debut in the PWA 2015 at the Aloha Classics. His 
best result was 28th. The native Korean has meanwhile moved to the US.


NAME: Junko Nagoshi
HOMETOWN: Hyogo, Japan

Junko Nagoshi was born and raised in Japan. In the meantime, she lives
on Maui. She is one of the most comitted windsurfers. No matter whether
it is calm water or high waves, Nagoshi always gives her best. She
already has a lot of experience. This is reflected in her thought-out surfing.


NAME: Kai Katchadourian
HOMETOWN: Bödö, Finland
INSTAGRAM: @flykatcher

Kai Katchadourian is windsurfing for more than 3 decades. However, 
Katchadourian is also captain of the Simmer Style and drummer in a
band. If he is not windsurfing, the Fin likes to snowboard. Katchadourian
has been traveling to Maui for 32 years. First time he surfed at Pe'ahi
was in 1993.


NAME: Kevin Pritchard
DATE OF BIRTH: 30.01.1976
INSTAGRAM: @pritchdog

Kevin Pritchard is a multiple world champion and former professional 
windsurfer. His biggest role model, then and now, is his big brother Matt.
Now, Pritchard says, he does not have to prove himself anymore, he just
enjoys surfing.


NAME: Levi Siver
HOMETOWN: Haiku, Maui, HI
DATE OF BIRTH: 23.12.1980
INSTAGRAM: @levi_siver

Siver offers coaching and experience camps in various locations, e.g.
on Maui. He says he loves sports more than ever now and tries to 
improve his level every day. For him, windsurfing has more to do with 
creativity than competition.


NAME: Peter Garzke
HOMETOWN: Kleve, Germany
DATE OF BIRTH: 09.08.1968

Peter Garzke had his debut in 1991, although the first time he stood on a 
board was in 1979. He already has over 30 years of surfing experience.
Today Garzke is a university lecturer at the University of Kleve. He 
organizes and directs sports classes for students there.


NAME: Philip Soltysiak
DATE OF BIRTH: 31.05.1987
INSTAGRAM: @philipsoltysiak

Philip Soltysiak is a multiple windsurfing champion. His parents first took 
him to windsurfing at a young age. However, training was always 
important to him. Therefore, he enrolled at the University of London in 
order to combine studying and his windsurfing career.


NAME: Sarah Hauser
HOMETOWN: Noumea, New Caledonia
INSTAGRAM: @hauserlifestyle

Sarah Hauser is one of the few women who has the courage to surf at 
Jaws. In 2016, she released her film 'Girl on Wave' to get more attention
for windsurfing. Hauser is married to windsurfing pro Casey Hauser. They
live together on Maui.


NAME: Tatiana Howard
HOMETOWN: Haiku, Maui, HI
INSTAGRAM: @tatianahowardmaffei

At the age of 16, Tatiana Howard traveled around the world on the 
Professional Windsurfing Tour. She makes it her goal to share her passion
for water sports and is therefore often seen in magazines. Howard is the 
founder of 'The Butterfly Effect', a worldwide women's water movement. In
keeping with the motto 'community instead of competition', she regularly
organizes events for this purpose.


NAME: Tyson Poor
DATE OF BIRTH: 17.01.1983
INSTAGRAM: @poor_tyson

If Tyson Poor does not travel the world, he prefers to spend his sommer
months in Gorge and the winter time in Baja. His favorite windsurfing trick
is the Tweaked Pushloop. Besides windsurfing, Poor likes to ride dirt and
mountain bikes. The Californian also loves to fish.


NAME: Uli Hoelzl
HOMETOWN: Innsbruck, Austria
DATE OF BIRTH: 03.02.1975
INSTAGRAM: @uli_hoelzl

Uli Hölzl is not only a professional windsurfer, but also a professional 
Snowboarder. In addition to snowboarding and windsurfing, she has 
completed two study programs (Pharmacy and Medicine) and is now a 
doctor. After a serious knee injury, Hölzl gave up her snowboarding
career and focused on windsurfing.


NAME: Wyatt Miller
HOMETOWN: Berkeley, CA
INSTAGRAM: @wyattmiller525

Wyatt Miller has been on the most US freestyle podiums. He started a 
non-profit organization 'Beyond Boardsports' and is now manager of 
'Slingshot Windsurfing'. Recently he is very passionate about windfoiling.


NAME: Morgan Noireaux
HOMETOWN: Haiku, Maui HI
DATE OF BIRTH: 22.10.1994
INSTAGRAM: @morganoireaux

Morgan Noireaux's biggest motivation is to windsurf in as many places as
possible and to be able to develop further. Among the World Cup 
participants, it is said, that Noireaux always gets the best waves. This is 
probably due to his ability to observe and his good timing. After his first 
win at Aloha Classics, Noireaux has paused his studies to devote himself
fully to windsurfing.


Snowboard Team


NAME: Annie Boulanger
HOMETOWN: Whistler, BC
INSTAGRAM: @annieboulanger_

Annie Boulanger started her career in the park as a competitive boarder.
Meanwhile, she is traveling in the Big Mountain terrain. With her beautiful,
feminine riding style she was featured in the Absinthe movie in 2006. Other
parts for Absinthe and even a Video Part of the Year award followed. 
No doubt, that Boulanger can keep up with the big men of the scene.


NAME: Victor Daviet
HOMETOWN: Annecy, France
DATE OF BIRTH: 08.09.1990
INSTAGRAM: @victordaviet

Victor Daviet left his European and international competitive career behind
and is now passionate about freestyle boarding. He prefers to shred in 
deep powder. In addition to his snowboard career, he also studies at the
Grenoble Managment School. 


NAME: Elias Elhardt
HOMETOWN: Innsbruck, Austria
DATE OF BIRTH: 27.02.1988
INSTAGRAM: @eliaselhardt

Early on, Elias Elhardt stood at the podium at contests. Now he prefers to 
ride backcountry. With his last project 'Contradiction' Elhardt questions the
industry and criticizes the high environmental impact of snowboarding and
skiing. The studied psychologist shows, along with two other boarders, the 
contradictions of the snowboard lifestyle.


NAME: Louif Paradis
Quebec, QC

In 2018 Louif Paradis won the Rider of the Year Award. He is undoubtedly
one of the best snowboarders in the world. The native Canadian prefers
to drive in a crossover - a mixture of street terrain and backcountry. A lot of
powder is what counts most for him.


NAME: Mark Wilson
HOMETOWN: Virginia, MN

In 2017, Mark Wilson finally made it to the professional scene and is now 
climbing the official ranks. He shoots impressive videos while making 
snowboarding look easy. In his first X Games in 2018, Wilson could only
reach the 17th place. Driven by ambition, however, the boarder then did
a lot of fitness and ranked in 2019 already in 9th place.


NAME: Jill Perkins
HOMETOWN: Moorpark, CA
INSTAGRAM: @jill_perkins

Jill Perkins is a talented street-centric rider. In her most famous video she
rides through the streets of Brighton, UT and shows extraordinary tricks. 
For this shot Perkinseven even got the Rookie of the Year award.


NAME: Bryan Fox
HOMETOWN: Portland, OR
DATE OF BIRTH: 10.09.1983
INSTAGRAM: @bryanwfox

Bryan Fox is originally from Southern California and moved to Oregon after
high school. There he started his snowboarding career and since then has 
shot his video parts all over the world. Fox is also an activist. He is 
co-founder of the 'Drink Water' organization, which collects donations for
water and sanitation facilities in needy locations.


NAME: Kazu Kokubo
HOMETOWN: Ishikari, Hokkaido, Japan
DATE OF BIRTH: 15.08.1988
INSTAGRAM: @kazukokubo

Kazu Kokubo started his career at FIS races in Japan, where he could win
some halpipe events. Kokubo is known for doing what he wants. E.g. in
2010 he was banned from the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games
because he did not adhere to the dress code. In the meantime, Kokubo is
more enthusiastic about backcountry rides and has even released his own


NAME: Jamie Anderson
HOMETOWN: South Lake Tahoe, CA
DATE OF BIRTH: 12.09.1990
INSTAGRAM: @jamieanderson

As the first American female snowboarder, Jamie Anderson won a gold 
medal in Slopestyle in 2014. Anderson is known for her unique style and
her incredible power. She is involved in various non-profit projects, 
coaches in camps and promotes sustainable buying.


NAME: Wolle Nyvelt
HOMETOWN: Mayrhofen, Austria
DATE OF BIRTH: 26.12.1977
INSTAGRAM: @wolfgangnyvelt

Wolle Nyvelt is one of the best All-round snowboarders in Europe. He e.g.
won the Air & Style and made the 5th place at the Toyota Big Air contest.
The Austrian is co-founder of the company Äsmo, which sells handmade 
and binding-less snowboards. Nyvelt gets his inspiration especially from
skating and surfing.


NAME: Sam Taxwood
HOMETOWN: Salt Lake City, UT
INSTAGRAM: @concretesneaks

Whether Backcountry, Park or Urban, Sam Taxwood scores in all areas. 
The native American from UT can already be seen in many snowboard 
videos and climbs the ranks of the snowboard scene quickly.



Ski Team


NAME: Eric Pollard
INSTAGRAM: @ericrpollard

Already at the age of 15 Eric Pollard started to ski professionally. He 
developed the first perfectly symmetrical ski, meaning the tail is as high as
the tip. The American does not take part in competitions, but films in the
backcountry. Pollard is graphic designer and sells his designs as prints,
sketches, pictures etc.


NAME: Karl Fostvedt
HOMETOWN: Sun Valley, ID
INSTAGRAM: @crazy_karl

Karl Fostvedt won the Rookie of the Year Award in 2012. He has filmed
video parts including a film called 'A Collection of Individuals' produced
by Red Bull Media House and Poor Boyz. Fostvedt is best known for his
urban skiing skills.


NAME: Sammy Carlson
HOMETOWN: Hood River, OR & Revelstoke, BC
DATE OF BIRTH: 10.01.1989
INSTAGRAM: @sammycarlson1

Sammy Carlson became famous for the very first triple Cork ever shown.
However, Carlson no longer competes in competitions but focuses on 
freeriding. The reason for this decision is that he wants to focus 100% on
what he enjoys. His biggest project so far was the movie Sammy C.


NAME: Tom Garnier
HOMETOWN: Grenoble, France
DATE OF BIRTH: 17.12.1994
INSTAGRAM: @tom_garnier

Freeski friends would describe Tom Garnier as a talented skier who 
impresses in all disciplines- backcountry, urban and park. Garnier's 
favorite trick is the classic backflip. His biggest wish is to be able to ski 
with his friends until the end of his life.


NAME: Chris Benchetler
HOMETOWN: Mammoth Lakes, CA
INSTAGRAM: @chrisbenchetler

Chris Benchetler was already influenced by art when he was a teenager.
Now he is probably one of the most stylish skiers. He has been designing
and developing skis for Atomic for several years. Today, Benchetler 
travels around the world for various companies including GoPro, shooting
video parts for ski films.


NAME: Lucas Wachs
INSTAGRAM: @wachstavision

Back when Lucas Wachs was 16, he decided to end his slopestyle career
and start with backcountry skiing. "Building jumps, riding big mountain
lines, and exploring the backcountry is what I love." No matter how much 
he travels, he will alway return to his hometown Bend.


NAME: Jeremy Pancras
HOMETOWN: Annecy, France
DATE OF BIRTH: 30.11.1991
INSTAGRAM: @jeremypancras

Jeremy Pancras biggest project 'Would You' is about his horrific crash in
Annecy. During a contest in 2017, Pancras lost his orientation during a 
cork and landed on his head, breaking two vertebras. He narrowly 
escaped paraplegia. In his film, he processes the accident. 


NAME: Torin Yater-Wallace
DATE OF BIRTH: 01.12.1995
INSTAGRAM: @torinyw

Torin Yater-Wallace is one of the most talented young freeskiers in 
slopestyle and halfpipe. By now he has won a world champion medal and
8 X-Games. In 2015, Yater-Wallace had a serious liver infection that
almost cost him his life. Now he is back, full of energy.


NAME: Taylor Lundquist
DATE OF BIRTH: 28.06.1993
INSTAGRAM: @taylahhbrooke

Taylor Lundquist shows her very own style in the park and on the streets.
Although she is very good, she does not get the attention of the media
she actually deserves. Several female skiers are aware of this problem,
which is why Lundquist took part in an all-female production called 
JYOSEI in 2019, which is only featuring girls.



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